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零寂寞 零施壓 零冷漠





Prof. Hwang

Damn it, I sincerely hate those stubborn old-fashioned people who thought they know everything but in fact have a terribly narrowed mind and perspective. How would i not know that most people around the globe are now using simplified Chinese characters, those using traditional ones are the minority, how would i not know it!!! It was YOU who asked us to talk about loyalty, as a Taiwanese, one of the ways to show my loyalty to my language is to use traditional Chinese characters rather than the simplified ones, is there a problem??? You’re the one who should go out and see what’s going on in this world, or not, maybe you should first step out of your little pond and get to know about Taiwan first. You really do surprised me about having so little knowledge about the indigenous people in Taiwan and their culture, what a shame. Shame on you for always talking about your ONE-year working experience in England & your years-ago life experiences in Houston, in Tennessee, and wherever place that is; I could repeat those experiences as many times as you want me to already. Besides, you should stop constantly interrupting your students while they’re talking on stage, not in such a rude manner all the time; don’t worry, I’ll definitely forgive you if you confessed that you flunked the course ” the art of listening” back in your school days, cause you really do desperately need those wisdom. There are numerous people who have had oversea experiences or been abroad, so stop looking so down on people before they finish their words. I doubt if you’ll react the same if we did not tell the fact of our stay oversea at the very beginning and merely share the conclusion or experiences. Not that all who have spent years abroad have the correct information or reliable one; not all who haven’t been abroad but refer to books and internet come out with nonsense. Step out, learn and digest more up-to-date info, the world is different from ten and twenty years ago.

Don’t Even Think About it!

” Thinking about quitting is the same as quitting.”

” Of course once is enough, but it take an extra one to make it perfect.”

” Don’t hesitate, just do it.”

” Only with high horsepower can you get closer to your to-dos & must-dos.”


I Feel it in My Bones, Enough to Make My Systems Blow

It was an ordinary dizzy morning, got to sleep til noon and had my brunch

Except that mom & dad are on a 2-day business trip and Lawrence is home to keep me company

Of course, what i’ve just said has nothing to do with what im about to write

I’ve been a lot like a stay-at-home nerd/girl since this semester began or maybe ever since i started my study at NTUT

Library and swimming pool are my two favorite places during week days

I’d goole some must-read lists first and then checked out the books from the lib OR

Go swimming in order to exercise, kill time, lose weight, or, most of the time, to get rid of negative emotions

Get up early for school, for internship, commuting, swimming, go home are my daily routine

But i kinda feel tired and bored of them frequently

For i used to take part in bunch of activities and hang out with friends so often

Hence, i’d steal some time to sleep a bit late or be a couch potato on weekends

The thing is, i couldn’t help feeling the dullness and guilt behind this insipid life style

I couldn’t feel the energy, the heartbeat, the excitement, and passion of life

All i know is it’s like a plane flying steadily, but not knowing where to head for

———- The Alarm Clock Rang ——— The Two Posts on Facebook ———-

The two posts i saw on my friend’s timeline:

a) Norman: an English-majored student of my year in NTHU, is now on his way to UCBerkeley for an official visit

b) Lee: a classmate of mine in high school cram school, but we aren’t close; he majors in IR in NCCU, is now the founder of World Digest, a blog that analyzes world issues, and often gives speeches in school clubs to share his experiences

While i was fighting my negative moods, sleeping, and being a couch potato doing meaningless things

They were taking steps towards their dreams and goals

I enjoy studying English, international relations, literature…. etc no less than they do

Im like a loser because i chose to sit and complained

I could’ve been motivated just like them and seized every minute to pave ways for myself

I heard the wake-up call. Thank you. I made such huge mistakes, I’ll start to fix them with extra diligence.

After all, only through hard work, energy, and drive can we earn ourselves the permission!!




Rough Time

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

                                          — Alexander Hamilton

I’ve ruined a lot of things and made a lot of mistakes in the past 3 days

Full of regrets, fury, and some sense of pathetic

I did not mean to, but things just got out of control… in a roll

@ Monday, my 30-min nap turned out to be a 3hr sleep>>> study, report, and presentation preparation were put off & canceled

@ 4am alarm clock didn’t wake my awareness again>>> spent 30min on my part of the final report & was late for class

@ Did a bad job on both the morning group report & the individual oral presentation in the afternoon>>> got only 77 : (

@Skipped the 3hr short-story class to work on the presentation for tonight>>> spent like 4hr in the computer room

@ I wasn’t actually on a diet, but: a salad bread for breakfast, a cup of latte at noon, some yogurt as snack, and a lot of water

@ Had this long presentation and discussion for like 4 hours>>> got home late and exhausted

@ Had some fried noodles and went to bed

@ My alarm clocks that ring every 10min from 4am to 7am failed to wake me up again

@ Woke up at 7:55, no time to prepare for my French quiz & was definitely late for my French class at 8:10>>> i spent like 10min imagining all kinds of possibilities of my absence or late presence at class on the bed>>> then continued my sleep, which is a tremendous mistake

@ Skipped French class…. for the second time>>> i feel awful, for i like French, French class, and French teacher a lot>> Peggy is strict, no lateness for class or unreasonable absence are acceptable, but she’s one of the best teachers i know

@ Woke up at 12pm, no time for lunch, and went to school directly>>> no time to prepare for the literature final at 1pm

@ I got to class on time, but did another awful job on my literature exam, and it’s final exam this time>>> i got only 38 out of 70 at the choices part

@ I was totally frustrated by nobody but myself, i hate myself like this…. being so poor, pathetic, and pessimistic

The worst thing is, it wasn’t my first time making those damn mistakes, but second

I hate being trapped in such a negative cycle

Repeating the same steps: make mistakes-feel miserable-heal myself-back on the track-??-another mistake….

I’m usually the person to encourage people, to comfort people, to tell people to stay positive

But i become one of those “people” stuck in negativity at times

However, there’re few people i can rely on to seek encouragement and comfort usually

I used to end up resorting to texts in my diary or blog and articles online

It’s like an ability cultivated inwards already

I thought of this song when i felt awful today: SMILE  


There’re a lot to tell though it’s only the first month of 2015

To be continued….

# New Year Countdown Dec 31-Jan1st

# Family’s the best: Jan 3rd

# Kevin & Eddy

# My new year resolutions

Be Brave: Just Do It!!




I also wanna be a Dumbo like you: yearn for freedom & enjoy helping others!!

Call me Dumbo Sophia 🙂

You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction!!

Brilliant quotes that go well with your breakfast!!!
Eat them up~
Surely you’ll be ready to start your day

My favorites:

# Nothing will work unless you do.
# You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.
# Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.